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Point of Sale (POS)

Perfect for Restaurant, Cafe, Bar & Pizzerias

Receive Unlimited Online Orders 

Receive Unlimited Table Reservations

Sell Unlimited Gift Cards

Table Orders or  Scan QR to Order 

Discounts, Loyalty Offers, Vouchers

Real-time Sale Reports

.....and many many more services and features included


Simple & Single  APP  to manage  your business.

Now with One Corner app, you can simplify everything for your restaurant / cafe / bar / pizza store with a single easy to use app that can run on any of your existing tablet devices (Any iPad or Android tablet).

No need to buy new printers, cash registers, cash drawers and other expensive equipments


Simply install the app and you are ready to manage your business effectively.


All features in one app...

Allow managing everything that your restaurant needs in a single app. Whether its Commission Free Online Ordering, Table Reservation, Selling Gift Cards/Vouchers or Taking Dine-in table orders.

Many many more features for each of the service we offer, click the image or link below to learn more about each service.


Table Reservation

Allow your customers to reserve a table at your business.

Automatically accept reservations and allow your customers to even reserve tables for special events. 

No per person charges.


Table Ordering or Scan QR Ordering

Staff can take table orders directly from their phone. 

Orders are printed directly to the kitchen printers.

Optionally, you can enable QR ordering allowing your customers to place orders directly from their phone.


Online Food Ordering

Allow your customers to place pickup or delivery orders directly from a web link. (No app installation required)

Instant Order Notifications, Orders get accepted and printed automatically.


0% commissions (no hidden charges)


Sell Gift Cards to your customers

Customers can purchase digital gift cards for themselves or for their loved ones direct from your website.

Redeem voucher by scanning the QR code.

No commissions on Gift Cards sold. 

Built for Hospitality, Made with love & care.

We understand the challenges that a business in the hospitality industry goes through whether it's a restaurant, cafe, bar or pizzeria.

So we have built a robust system to help businesses outgrow them while saving on huge commissions that they pay to other aggregators.

Our back-end technology runs on Google Cloud and it runs on systems which are capable of handling traffic spikes and large amounts of load while giving you business a guaranteed up-time.

So far businesses running our system have done 10+ MILLION  in revenue through our scale-able system.

All-in-one POS app

Zero (0%) commissions

Robust and Scalable

Bring Your Own Existing Hardware

We support a range of hardware devices so you don't have to buy new expensive equipments to run your business.


We are here to make sure you can save on your costs and run effectively.


Any iPad or Android Tablet

Main Terminal: Any iPad or Android Tablet

Staff: Any Phone (Android or iPhone)


Tablet Stand

(Optional) as this for your main terminal so that it is securely and firmly placed.


Thermal Printers

Epson Thermal printers

(Ethernet or WiFi connectivity)

If you have a different thermal printer, do let us know the make and model to check the compatibility.


Cash Drawer

Any cash drawer that connects to your thermal printer

Explore Our Pricing Options

We have no lock-in subscriptions so you can cancel anytime. Though we would love to cater you for all your requirements.

  • Free

    Valid for 3 months
    • Include all features and services free!
  • Most Popular


    Every month
    POS + any one service (Reservations / Online Ordering / Gift Cards)
    • Take Unlimited Online Orders
    • Take Unlimited Table Reservations
    • Take Unlimited Table Orders or Table QR code orders
    • Additional 2 Staff devices
    • Daily, weekly and Monthly reports
    • Discounts, Surcharges, Vouchers, Items Offers
    • Update your social media profiles and website with Links
    • Menu Management and Items Availability
    • Own your customer data (Name, Email, Phone No.)
    • Instant Order & Table Reservation Notifications
    • Automatically accept orders & Print Order Automatically
    • Send real-time order notifications to your customers
    • Customized Payment Receipt
    • Private Reviews
    • ... and many many more features
  • Premium

    Every month
    Customized POS solution for all your needs.
    • All Standard Package Features
    • Gift Cards
    • Cloud Reports
    • SMS Order Updates
    • SMS Email Updates
    • Push Order or Reservation Notifications
    • Customer database
    • Unlimited additional mobile devices to take orders
    • Unlimited Staff Users
    • Automated Private Reservation Feedback
    • Automated Private Order Feedback
    • Offer Refunds (Partial / Full) directly from the POS
    • many many more features...

If a feature that you require is not listed, please let us know via email / whatsapp or use the form below and we can look into customizing these plans as per your requirements at a very reasonable price.

Note: Hardware cost is not included in the plans.

What Our Existing Customers Say

One Corner point of sale was introduced to me by another restaurant owner as they saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction and their staff's efficiency.
We started using it in 2022 and I recommend this to other restaurant.

Mehmaan Restaurant

Joined 2022

We've been using online ordering solution by One Corner since 2020 and have increased our sales and revenues significantly with the help of One Corner app.
We have been since then managing our online visibility while attracting many happy customers.
It's a very simple app which includes online ordering, table reservation, selling gift cards and for taking dine-in orders.
Everything is in a single application and this has led to our staff working more effectively. Staff also takes order from their own mobile phones and everything gets printed to our kitchen printers rightaway.

See our services in action